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First Day Of Grade 1


Hello, my name is Bill, and I’m a Stay-At-Home Dad to a wonderful 7-year-old daughter.

She’s an only child, and I’m still a child at heart so we get along fantastic and love playing together and finding things to do. Princesses, fairies, other dolls, and arts and crafts tend to be her favourite, while board games and sports related stuff tend to be more in ¬†my wheelhouse!

I created this site because I still love walking up and down the toy aisles in every store and online shopping to find someone the perfect and unique birthday or holiday gift. That coupled with my knowledge of what toys a child wants, needs, and will even do chores for (I live with one after all!) puts me in a position to be able to help people find ideas for the perfect gift and find the best toys for girls.

For a lot of men shopping for anyone is hard enough (There’s a game on somewhere!), but shopping for and knowing what their young daughter, granddaughter, niece, or cousin is into right now and finding a gift they’d love sounds impossible. But I’m here to help.

So if any of the reviews capture your interest, please leave comments on the site. I love talking to people in general, and love toys so will definitely chat there. Also, any thoughts or opinions you have regarding any of the content on my site, please speak up – I love feedback of any kind.


I hope you enjoy my reviews. Happy shopping!



Bill –

Founder of Stay-At-Home Dad Reviews