APPLE IPADS & OTHER TABLETS – Back to School Gift Ideas for Kids

This review isn’t going to be here to hard sell you on Apple Products or on iPads in specific. And really most tablets would be helpful in the same way, it’s just that my daughter happens to have an iPad her grandfather gave her so that’s why it’s being discussed in our story here instead of the other options made by companies like Microsoft, Samsung, or Amazon. Any tablet makes a wonderful back to school gift ideas for kids.


First lets talk about the education aspect of a child having their own tablet because that’s what makes it one of the best Back to School Gift Ideas for Kids.




As mentioned in our Electric Guitar Review, my daughter and I are currently taking introductory guitar lessons through an online program that we use her iPad for. We are both also using an App called Duolingo to learn Portuguese and working through it together at the same pace. We are currently 7% fluent in Portuguese, so there is a lot more lessons to go. (did you know that frango means chicken?) And anyway you slice it, that’s solid Dad-Daughter time spent as we do the lessons, while learning an entirely new language together all thanks to a single App.

Last year at school her teacher even sent her home with a note asking parents to use an App called Raz Kids to further along the students reading at home. And she’s also previously learned to tell time from a clock using the minute and hour hands through an App. And when she was a little younger loved the Disney Imagicademy education based Apps.

As you can see, an iPad is a fantastic educational tool that could further aid the learning process for children of any age. That is the number one reason why it is a wonderful back to school gift idea for kids.




Entertainment wise there’s obviously a ton of appropriate games for any age level, currently my daughter likes playing Candy Crush, Disney Princess Story Theatre – a game where you make your own story book using your voice as the characters, and a few American Girl games.

She would also honestly rather watch a show during her TV time on her smaller iPad than on our much bigger TV. It makes no sense to me, but it is a win-win, since then I’m not stuck watching another episode of Elena of Avalor or something. Haha.

Plus Netflix has zero commercials, (coughnoadvertisingcough) and the Kids account setting has tons and tons of appropriate stuff for any age range as well.

She also enjoys spending time reading books in the Disney Story Central App and listens to a couple of Podcasts – the multiple time award winning Brains On! Science Podcast For Kids, and a Disney Story Central Podcast. Really I guess this last sentence was about reading and science so it could have went in the educational section, but reading and science are actually two of my daughters favorite things to do for fun, or as a hobby, so for her it is entertainment.




In the past year, we’ve also let her open up socially using her own iPad a little bit by letting her text and FaceTime on her own to her family and select friends. It’s really helped with her spelling and overall vocabulary to be honest. Plus it’s cute when for no reason you just get sent a strawberry emoji or three different coloured hearts and a thumbs up sign.





DAUGHTERS REVIEW – “I like it helps me learn stuff when I’m not at school and I get to watch all of my favourite shows on it and listen to music. And its funny to send emojis to my mom and dad and grandma. And I love getting to take it in the car on long road trips.”


DADS REVIEW – “So with how much use my daughter gets out of her iPad educationally, entertainment wise, and socially it’s really a homerun in our house, and a no brainer as to why the iPad at the top of the list for great back to school gift ideas for kids.”




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  1. I’ve never understood why they prefer to watch stuff on tiny screens as opposed to a normal big TV… madness!

    • Right?! When I was their age if my parents brought home a 55″ TV I would have been in complete awe and amazement and now they’re like “Naw, don’t want it, my 7.5″ screen over here is good!” Kind of fascinating really.

  2. I agree the Ipad is a great gift and investment for kids, my daughter learned a lot from it (letters and numbers and words) and she is only 2.5 years old.
    Thank you

    • I originally had to learn how to use Apple products because back when my daughter was 2 she already knew how to use my wife’s phone and I had to play catch up to her to help her and fix stuff. Haha.

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