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In our first Back to School Gift Ideas For Kids review we discussed my daughters Ipad and with Friday being the end of the 1st week I figured we’d do one more, so next up is…




With school having just started, your child could make their new teacher some art or maybe give their new classmates a few friendship bracelets. It’ll make it easier for them to quickly acclimate to their new classroom surroundings. A few ideas like that is why Art Supplies make an excellent back to school gift ideas for kids.


But, Art Supplies are not just a great back to school gift idea for kids, but it is also one of the best gift ideas for 7 year old girls at any time of the year. There are many reasons for this, but most importantly, it just boils down to the fact that, 7 year old girls love doing crafts, crafts, and more crafts!


At home my daughter goes through a book of construction paper on a weekly basis making whatever she feels like: signs for doll houses, door handle signs that go around our house, birthday cards for her friends etc. The wall art you see in the picture below she painted special for her grandparents to hang up in their house. See, proof that art supplies are indeed one of the best gift ideas for 7 year old girls.


EARTH RANGERS – how my daughter used art supplies to help save the Peregrine Falcon


She also loves making beaded jewelry and when we let her paint, it is her favourite, and featured in the story we’re about to tell you in this review,…it’s about how children’s jewelry and canvas paintings helped save the endangered Peregrine Falcon.

When my daughters school was over for the year, she wanted to find a summer hobby and saw a commercial about a charity organization that helps endangered species called the Earth Rangers and decided that’s what she wanted to do. I checked out the website with her, let her join the Earth Rangers, and she picked out the Peregrine Falcon to support.

After watching videos on their website, getting fundraising tips and talking to people in my family, we came up with a great idea! We combined a garage sale, with a bake sale, a jewellery sale and a kid’s art sale – making our own market. We even had three different candy jar guessing games for people to donate towards. Everyone helped us a lot. People donated items for the garage sale, helped my daughter make jewellery, and baked goodies for the bake sale. My daughter legitimately worked hard on this spending all summer painting pictures, making bead bracelets and necklaces and baking cookies.

On the day of our sale we woke up really early and set everything all up and down her grandparents drive way. My daughter greeted every customer all day and showed them the different areas that were set up.

We had a surprise special guest when Batman showed up! He even bought some cookies from the bake sale and one of my daughters paintings!!!



By the end of the day, my daughter had hit all of her fundraising targets and had gone above and beyond enough so that the Earth Rangers put her in their hall of fame and wrote a great blog on their website about it, that you can read HERE.




DAUGHTER REVIEW: “I’m proud of all the hard work I did, and thankful that all my family and friends helped me. The day was a big success and I’m so excited that my art supplies I used to make canvas painting and beaded bracelets and necklaces sold so well and helped me to have raised almost $600 and reach my Earth Rangers goal. I love making any kind of craft, painting, drawing…art is my favourite subject at school, it is so much fun and why it is a great back to school gift ideas for kids.”


DADS REVIEW: I love every piece of art and different craft that my daughter has ever given me. I’m sentimental like that. My bedroom nightstand is littered with things she’s given me and wants to go there. I myself am not very crafty and don’t enjoy doing it, but my daughter and her mother would make crafts everyday if it was possible. But this is what the child thinks or would want so just because I don’t particularly enjoy the activity doesn’t mean I can’t still guarantee that art supplies is at the top of the list for best gift ideas for 7 year old girls. I’ve seen my daughter want to use them everyday, I’ve also seen what her crafting was able to accomplish for the Earth Rangers charity. Which I couldn’t be more proud of her for. Highest recommendation!”



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  1. First off, wow… your daughter did a great job! So cool that “Batman” showed up. 🙂
    Secondly – I LOVE the idea of art supplies as back to school gifts. As a mom of a little girl who loves getting new craft stuff, I KNOW new craft supplies are a big deal. And going back to school sort of fits with “use your imagination” and “get creative” style gifts for girls! Fantastic idea! (On the flip side, art supplies might also be the perfect gift for completing a school year… new craft stuff to keep her busy all summer!)

    • Agreed…we can’t keep enough construction paper in our house for all the drawings and crafts she wants to do. We could probably start using it all as carpet or wallpaper in our house. Haha.

  2. Hello! your website is great! I love the concept and the pictures are adorable. You are blessed sir! The site is very informative and I can see that you have really planned everything out. I wish you good luck!

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