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Previously we’ve talked about camping at the lake and playing ladderball with the family in B.C. and in upcoming reviews we’ll be looking at some more toys we take to our own community lake.

But if you can’t get to a lake on a regular basis then what do you do?



Every child would want the thrill of the waterslides right in their own backyard to enjoy whenever they wanted to. Set up a giant inflatable waterslide, and you’ll definitely be in line for a new World Greatest Dad coffee mug!

My Aunt has one, and set it up one afternoon in her backyard. My daughter, her cousin, and neighbouring kids were bouncing around and sliding down it all afternoon long non-stop. They were disappointed when they had to stop playing because dinner time rolled around. So much laughter and fun all around by the children.

Not once did anyone say they were bored or that they wanted to do something else. It’s pretty impressive to see that for a group of that many children in differing age ranges.


Here’s the pictures of my daughter enjoying playing all afternoon:




Bonzai is known as the best company for making giant inflatable waterslides. In fact the Original Banzai Falls Water Slide was a 2006 finalist for the TOTY Award (Toy Of The Year).They’ve also been featured on Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly, The Late Show with David Letterman, Ellen, and The View.

So if you’re looking for unique gift ideas for kids, Bonzai has over 20 water slides available in different shapes and sizes, so you’ll definitely be able to find one the child would like and within your price range.




DAUGHTERS REVIEW: “This was such a fun day. You can jump, and bounce, and dive, and slide, and chill in the pool. I want to play on this all of the time!”

DADS REVIEW: I watched around 10 kids or so play on this all afternoon. They were even excited to watch it inflate with anticipation of getting to start playing. It’s pretty much a bouncy castle PLUS water! Who wouldn’t love that. I wish I ran through and slid down with them a couple of times. Spoil whoever you’re buying a gift for and buy them a giant inflatable waterslide right now…summer is almost over!”



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  1. Woah! What a cool slide! Your daughter looks like she’s having a blast! I know you mentioned they range in price-about how much should I expect to pay for one like you have pictured?

    • Yeah, they are pretty awesome and all the kids had such a great time. Bigger ones with the extra stuff (ie bouncey section or ball pit) will typically run you $500-$600 and up from there.

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