KIDS BED – Bedroom Furniture for Girls

KIDS BED – Bedroom Furniture for Girls


My daughter has a pretty cool kids bed right now, it’s a Lalaloopsy Twin Kids Bed made by Little Tikes.

My extended family has always had really good taste and been able to find really nice bedroom furniture for girls. When we were putting together her nursery/bedroom in the beginning they bought us a beautiful matching dresser and crib set with the conversion set that would allow the crib to turn into a toddler bed and also a full bed.

Really in theory, my daughter never needed another bed as long as she was living at home. But that didn’t stop my family with surprising all of us on her birthday with this awesome kids bed they found a few years back.

That year for her birthday her party was at Chuck E. Cheese’s (best birthday we’ve ever thrown for her). There were a lot of children invited and family there from both sides – grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. It was a big, fun time. Pretty much everyone my daughter knew was at the party, except my dad and one of my uncles. Hmmmm,…they were at my house when we were leaving and seemed to be right behind us???

Whenever I asked someone that afternoon why they weren’t there yet I kept getting told they were stuck in traffic, they had to stop somewhere, or whatever other excuse. It was a busy day so I didn’t think much about it other than thinking my dad would be sad he was missing the party. They had me fooled even, since in reality they had never left my house to begin with as they were busy unloading, packing up our stairs, and then building my daughters new Little Tikes Lalaloopsy Kids Bed.

When we got home we got told to sneak up the stairs and when she walked into her bedroom the yelling, jumping, and shocked look on my daughters face was amazing. Truly a great surprise. My family sure does know how to pick bedroom furniture for girls, considering my daughter still sleeps in her Little Tikes Lalaloopsy bed to this day.

The bed itself is pretty awesome. It has a roof (that’s where all of her stuffed animals live, yes up on the roof!), and above her pillow is a pair of opening windows she likes to store stuff in. The bed is sturdy, I’ve slept in it myself many times, as it weighs 100 lbs. It’s definitely girly enough for my daughter with flowers all around the base.

And we also have picked up many different bedding sets along the way to change up the theme. Sometimes she has a Sofia the First bed, or a Frozen bed, or a Shopkins one. Right now she loves her Paris themed blankets and pillows.

We liked the bed so much that a few years later we returned the favour and pitched in to buy my nephew a Little Tikes Pirate Ship Toddler Bed.





DAUGHTERS REVIEW: “I love my bed. It has a roof and flowers like a girly house. And I put my night light and books and stuff in the window shelf. I like that it’s cozy and we have lots of different blankets we switch to make it different beds.”

DADS REVIEW: “It’s since gone out of production and become somewhat of a collectible but if you’re looking for awesome bedroom furniture for girls I would track one of these down, the look on the little ones face the first time she sees it will be worth the price and effort.”



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