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In trying to review things that will keep a young girl active and be fun for the whole family, Stay-At-Home Dad Reviews has no problems calling this one of the most fun outdoor games for families.






Playing ladder ball has been a family favourite of ours for probably 15 years now. As you’ll see through many upcoming reviews/posts on this site our extended family is big into the outdoors. We camp every summer, all summer out at Kookanusa Lake in B.C. Grandma, Parents, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins – everybody…every weekend.


And we all like to pass the time by playing games – card games, board games, activity games you name it. Check out our Favourite Board Games review for some Top 10 lists of our favourites.

Playing ladder ball is by far the most popular among everyone when out at the lake. To the point where my uncle and dad just built a permanent one between my uncles and my grandmas trailers.



This summer my daughter is at the age where she finally got the playing ladder ball addiction the rest of us have, and needed one for our place back home in Calgary as well. Of course I was all over that and purchased one ASAP. The best gifts are the ones she thinks are a present for her but really I’m just buying it for me. Haha!


With all of this extra practice, she’s going to be tough to beat at playing ladder ball when we go back out to the lake with the rest of the family now!



Playing ladder ball is similar in nature to playing bean bag toss or even playing bocce. It some times gets called Ladder Toss or even Golf Toss because of the use of heavier golf balls on string as opposed to the lighter bolas.

Best suited for 2-4 players at a time and great for building tournaments around with multiple two person teams.

A full layout of the rules can be found here.

They vary in price anywhere from $40 – $175. There’s even awesome NFL Licensed ones! You can buy sturdy metal ones, ones made from PVC pipe or plastic ones. Even fold-able ones so the weight would vary accordingly. The average dimensions are approximately 22 x 22 x 38 inches.





DAUGHTERS REVIEW: “I think its a really good fun game. Nice to play with people like your friends and family. Playing ladder ball takes lots of practice but if you keep playing you can get really good.”


DADS REVIEW: “So many family memories have been built on the back of playing ladder ball with my dad, uncles, and even grandma. Absolutely buy one for your family.”



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  1. Have never heard of Ladder Ball but would love to know how it’s played. Pics that you have inserted are interesting but confusing to someone like me. Can’t see how they would be used. I’m a South African you see ! Please guide me. Love to learn new team games.

    • Good catch Roy. An outline and set of rules can be found here, and I’ve added them to the original review as well. If you love new team games, this really is an addicting one to build a little tournament around.

  2. What a great site. While I am not a dad myself, you have given me some great ideas as to spending time with my nieces!
    This ladder ball game looks like it might be a hit with them. They love playing games!
    Any other good ideas you can give me to be the “coolest” uncle, lol?
    Thanks Brendon

    • I appreciate that Brendon. Having nieces or nephews is the best – all the fun with none of the discipline! What age are your nieces? I’d definitely have some recommendations for sure. It’s been mentioned in the comments of the site a couple of times but the board game Pie Face is perfect for an uncle to play with the girls. You’ll laugh a ton, and have whip cream all over your faces and in your hair, and then you can bolt and let their parents clean up the mess! Haha.

  3. Great site! You sound like you’re a really great dad who loves his daughter. I didn’t know that the toy on the first page I went to was called a ladder ball game. Looks like the menu is pretty well organized as well as pages and posts being informative for dads who have children. Great job for dads staying home and being interactive with their kids! One thing I noticed and not sure but I thought favourite was spelled favorite. I may be wrong but thought I’d bring it up.

    • I appreciate all of the kind words Eric, very nice things for you to say. I think we’re both right on how to spell it, as one’s the Canadian way and one’s the American way. Color/Colour works like that too. It’s weird but us Canucks like to add u’s to things I guess. Haha.

  4. Hi Bill
    It’s great that your family and friends can ‘connect’ with a game and camping out. I had the same upbringing, where we towed a caravan and went camping with friends and family.
    Many bushwalks and beach swims, and countless cricket games on the beach(Aussie beaches are great!), led to a wonderful childhood-and it’s all free.
    More families need to do this, ignore the electronics, and go camping!

  5. I first played ladder ball at the lake last year. Before that, I had never heard of it! It’s definitely a fun game though. At first I thought that it would be so easy to play… it’s a lot harder than it looks 😛 It’s a great game for families to play together!

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