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At first glance, based on the topic, you might think my first Stay-At-Home Dad Review isn’t going to necessarily be a “girls” toy per say, but table top hockey definitely isn’t gender or even age specific. It’s just a flat out great game that anyone can have an unlimited amount of fun with. Plus as you’ll see below my daughter loves it! That’s what makes it not only one of the most classic games for kids of all-time, but one of the best toys for girls!





She Shoots, She Scores!


I loved table top hockey as a kid in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Every one of my friends had a different container stuffed with random table top hockey players and teams. Some were metal, some didn’t even fit on the pegs at all like they were from a different table top hockey game entirely. Just hours and hours of fun. I am so happy my love of table top hockey got passed down to my daughter as well.


I’ve owned my STIGA STANLEY CUP TABLE HOCKEY for awhile now. For like 10 years it more or less sat in its box as my Dad kept promising to build me a stand and just never did year after year. With all of the other amazing things he does for me and the rest of our family, him not making me a little table top hockey stand kind of became a running joke between us.


Finally my wife and daughter just bought me a STIGA GAME STAND for the table top hockey game for my birthday this past October.

I was pretty excited, although I’m not quite sure why it took me a decade to just think of this alternative plan myself! Haha.


We originally set it up for a few days but the main level in our house doesn’t have anywhere to put it really, at least until we develop our basement. So back into the boxes the table top hockey game and stand went for awhile.


Until…a few weeks ago my daughter decided she wanted to rearrange our entire living room, actually making hard decisions and putting tons of her toys and other stuff in boxes away for now, clearing up a lot of space.


Being a dad who is sometimes tired of the sheer amount of stuff always lying around on my living room floor (it’s like an obstacle course to walk through a lot of the time), you’d think I take this unexpected extra free space and just be joyful to get it, but no way jose! I suggested that some of this free space would be perfect to bring the table top hockey game and stand out of their boxes. My daughter was absolutely ecstatic at the thought. Once we got the table top hockey all set up and played a few games she said that if its up to her it’s staying in the middle of our living room until Christmas!

(pretty sure her mom will have a differing opinion on this plan of hers though. Haha.)


Ours came in the box with the Penguins and Red Wings as the two teams. And being an older model it has the Pens wearing their Martin Straka era jerseys and the logo for the Atlanta Thrashers is still around the rink boards. I find it neat and kind of vintage, but obviously any newer table top hockey games would be updated accordingly.

And, it doesn’t really matter what two teams yours comes packaged with, as you can purchase any of the other NHL table top hockey teams in separate packs.

We want the Bruins and Flames. Yes, even though we live in Calgary, my daughter decided at a very young age she was a Bruins fan and has stuck by it. I think it’s pretty cool actually that she picked a different team than me and for her own reasons. Even took her to her 1st Bruins/Flames NHL game at the Saddledome this past season.


Well, that’s our personal history with table top hockey games, but here’s a neat little tidbit on their history, did you know?…

That table top hockey was invented in Toronto in 1932 by a man named Donald H. Munro Sr.

He built the very first one as a Christmas present for his family!

Obviously the manufacturing of newer versions of table top hockey have evolved tremendously since Mr. Munro was using things like wire coat hangers and old clock springs to build those games.


Nowadays, the bigger arcade style versions of table top hockey are often instead referred to as “Bubble” or “Dome” hockey – in reference to their large plastic cover. Typically in arcades and pubs you see international versions with Canada vs the USA or Sweden playing Finland. But a company called Super Chexx have NHL versions that are also available for purchase. Plus it even has live action sounds with legendary Buffalo Sabres announcer Rick Jeanneret! Amazing! But like with other full sized arcade games is price is quite steep and your home would need to have plenty of space available.





DAUGHTERS REVIEW: “It’s so fun to play against somebody! I love to score goals. I always want to play it but my dad is busy cooking dinner sometimes.”

DADS REVIEW: “As said up top, it’s an absolute classic! Doesn’t matter if you’re buying for a boy or a girl because every house should own one.

The Stiga Stanley Cup Table Hockey is great, a quality table top hockey game especially at it’s price point. And the ability to find all the different NHL teams is fantastic – everyone can have their favourite team always beating their heated rivals. We love ours, and can’t wait to pick up the Flames and Bruins team sets so our house can have some fierce table top hockey battles.

But lets be honest, any guy would want for a loved one to splurge and be unwrapping one of the Arcade style Super Chexx bubble hockey models from under the tree this Christmas! And based on my daughters love of table top hockey you can at least be assured in knowing that after spending that kind of money your kids will no doubt love it too!

Plus, It’ll look great in his garage, or den, or man cave,…or in my case, the living room. Haha.”



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  1. Love your blog!! My husband is a stay at home dad too 😉 And I totally love table top hockey!! I always forget they exist though until I stumble across one at some public venue. My husband doesn’t like board games, but I bet he would love playing with one of these. Even just the 2 of us (our 1st kid is a little too young to play just yet). But one day!

    • Aww, thanks Kiersten. You’ll have to come back and visit once the store is up and running. I’d be happy to help get you and your husband that table top hockey game. He deserves it; us Stay-At-Home Dads work really hard you know 😉 HaHa.

  2. I haven’t played table top hockey in ages! I used to love playing when I was a kid camp! Recently, I stumbled across a really old one and it is still in really great shape. I didn’t know they dated back to the ’30s. I should investigate to see how old it is! Great blog, btw!

    • I appreciate that Dani! It really is a blast once you get into it, even if hockey really isn’t your thing. If you end up finding out, I’d love to know how old the table you found is, some of those older ones are really neat.

  3. Hey Bill,

    When I was a kid, I always had a ton of fun playing air hockey and foosball. Countless hours spent spinning the players on foosball until my forearm was so sore I couldn’t move it.

    Air hockey got a little rough on the knuckles sometimes but like you said, those tables cost a lot more than something like this table top hockey table does.

    I wanna try this game out, the only thing is I don’t really have room for it in my current living situation.

    Enjoyed the article thanks,

    • Hey Dom, thanks for checking us out. Getting an air hockey puck off the knuckles stings for sure. We got one of those for Christmas a few years ago as well, so expect a review at some point in the near future! Hope you come back to check it out.

  4. What a great idea. I remember being a kid playing at my grandmothers. Thanks for the information and reflecting on fond memories of childhood!

  5. Hi

    Great information on what is a fantastic game.

    I actually played this one a few times when I lived in Canada and had a great time with it. It takes a bit of getting use to, but once I had the rules down and actually knew what to do with the game I had a blast.

    Ive recommended some of my Aussie friends to give it a try if they ever get a chance.


  6. I think it is so awesome you and your daughter play on the hockey table together! I just bought my son an air hockey table (tabletop one) and we have yet to get it up and running but I know they will love it! Kids these days really need to get back into those classic games lol. Great article , I really enjoyed it!

    • Thanks for checking us out Tonya. Air hockey is definitely another amazing classic arcade style game, hope you and your son enjoy playing it.

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