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As long as this summer-like warm weather continues where we are at, then Stay-At-Home Dad Reviews will keep up with finding great toys for kids that are intended for the water. With that in mind our next review is for the…




From the first time I saw it I knew this ball was the hot thing of the summer. Just a great toys for kids idea, or teenagers, or yes even adults. In fact it works better for older kids/adults with a proper throwing motion. Although my 7 year old daughter still had a blast playing with it the times that we did,


One afternoon me and my daughter were swimming along at our community lake and seen two older boys, must have been around 18-20 years old skipping this ball along the top of the water playing catch with each other. The ball was going at quite a speed and the guys were making diving catches etc. My daughter first noticed them and said, “Daddy check that out, that looks cool!”

So we swam over to the strangers because we had to ask what it was, and they showed us The Waboba Ball. Our first reaction was to laugh because in my family we call my grandmother BoBa, so we said it would be hard for us to forget the name since it’s essentially called the Wa-Grandma to us. We find that amusing. HaHa.

So we had our hearts set on finding one and after some homework learned that SportChek was the place to get them in Canada so a few days later we went to see if they had any. Turns out, sadly, that that location did not as they were completely sold out. So the cashier was nice enough to search their computer to see if there was stock at any of the other locations. More bad news as she said the computer was only displaying one left in stock at a location way on the other side of the city. We probably weren’t headed over there anytime soon.

But my wife and daughter were leaving Calgary later that week and headed to Edmonton for a Bruno Mars concert (my daughters first ever concert) and said they would check to see if there was any in West Edmonton Mall (Canada’s largest shopping centre). Luckily they phoned me on the way home with the good news that they had actually found one. Not just found it, but found the last one at that location. Lucky! Turns out the Waboba Ball was the hottest product of the summer and near impossible to find in stores.

Now that we had it though, the trouble finding it was worth it! I’m telling you this ball rocks! It looks and feels kind of like a stress ball for your hand, and you throw it with the same motion you would if you were trying to skip a rock. Treat it in that exact same manner and it will skip along the water forever, going much further and faster than a rock ever would. Plus, most importantly, IT FLOATS! So you’ll never lose it.

My daughter hasn’t quite mastered throwing it yet, she gets a couple of skips in sometimes though, so it’s a work in progress. But she loves when I throw it and her, or her and her friends race for it. Her favorite was the day I stood on the beach and threw it to the kids while they were standing on the dock. They took turns trying to catch it or having to jump into to retrieve it when they didn’t. That was a really fun afternoon.


The Waboba Ball has many different styles to choose from, including some for land, and even one for dogs. So buy whichever style or colour is best suited for you. As you can see in the picture above we bought the Waboba Extreme. It is teal and orange, which was right up our alley as both me and my daughter are big Miami Dolphins fans.





DAUGHTERS REVIEW: “I really like how big it splashes the water when you throw it. I had soooo much fun jumping off the dock to try to catch it when my dad threw it to me and my friends at the lake. The colours on the ball are so bright and pretty.”

DADS REVIEW: “I love it. I can’t say enough about how happy I am we have one for going to play in the water. As soon as I seen those guys playing with it that first time I thought it was really cool and wanted it immediately. My daughters loved the games we’ve played with it. They’re definitely great toys for kids, and even better for adults! The Waboba Ball is something we’ll pack with us to the water every time all summer long for years and years to come.”



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  1. Sounds like a blast! I’m not a dad yet but can’t wait to be. In the meantime, I’ll play ball with my dogs.
    I live in Cape Town South Africa so I have ocean all around. Summer is coming up and this little ball will drive my dogs crazy with excitement.


    • Your dogs are going to love how fast and how far you’re able to skip this thing! I didn’t know it before your comment, but playing Waboba Ball in Cape Town is now on my bucket list. I’m jealous. Haha.

  2. This looks pretty cool and fun. My 1-year old likes playing with little toy balls. Would you think that it’s ok if I get him one of these? It floats right? So are they hard or soft?

  3. This is a great idea. The seasons are on the turn in my part of the world at the moment. We are transitioning from Winter into Spring and Summer will be here in no time at all. As a family we all really enjoy water play and water sports over summer. Thanks for telling me about this. It’s great to think that there is even a version for my dog to enjoy.

  4. This looks super fun, simple, and inexpensive! I’ve checked out a few of your posts and I love all of your ideas for outdoor play. It’s so important that parents put in an effort to keep their kids outside these days! When I was growing up it was natural, it’s just what I did… but now, with all the indoor (technology) distractions, children need to be prompted. Not so much with awesome toys like these! Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you Courtney. Agreed children are outdoors way less than when I was a kid as well. It’s easy to get out with them to have some fun during the summer, where we live it gets a little more difficult once -20C starts to hit. Haha.

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