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Thank you for checking out Stay-At-Home Dad Reviews. Your time is valuable so I appreciate you using some of it to click on our website. 

I’m Bill (The Stay-At-Home Dad) and hope you guys continue to come back and keep checking us out. In time you’ll see a bunch of product reviews, ideas, trendy topics and our thoughts on toys, toys, and more of the best toys for girls.

We will be your one stop shop for Birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day or any other occasion when you need to find the perfect gift for your daughter, granddaughter, cousin, niece, or friends child…really any young girl you are shopping for. We are here to help you find the exact gift that she will love.

You’ll also see a lot of posts and stories about our families adventures and what is happening in our everyday lives.

So keep coming back to stayathomedadreviews.com to get to know me and my wonderful daughter – we’re here to help you find the best toys for girls. And please feel free to leave us messages in the comments introducing yourself and let us get to know you as well.

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Stay-At-Home Dad


  1. This is an awesome idea. Do stuff with your daughter with new toys(they always love a new toy) after shopping for them-which they also love-and then review it. Win-win for everyone involved. I gotta tell you that is an absolute novel idea for optimum use of your time!! Kudos!!

  2. Hello Bill. I believe that this is a wonderful thing that you plan to do. I would love to read about reviews on the best toys for girls. I have a niece and I plan to purchase something nice for her for the upcoming Christmas season. Good luck to you!!!

    • I appreciate that Ahmad. Make sure you bookmark us and check back, there’ll be plenty more reviews and articles to help you make Christmas a special one for your niece.

  3. Hi
    What a great idea, my daughter is now 26 ! So don’t think I will be needing toys ? lol. But it will be interesting to see the different trends from when she was younger.

  4. Hello, my husband and I are planning to have a child soon. So this information comes on the right time. I will be checking out your website, I love reading reviews about different toys for girls. Even if I have a boy, this information is still great for my niece. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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